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Today’s automotive industry is global in every sense of the word. From product specifications and production through to supply chains and marketing, automakers have adopted a global perspective in their drive to remain competitive amid constant change.

At Takata, we are meeting the challenges of this global marketplace by providing our automaker customers with products and services through an integrated,

cost-competitive network. Wherever in the world you talk to Takata, you’re talking to a single, unified company, committed to meeting your needs in every market. And whatever the form of transportation, you can be certain that Takata is at the forefront of technical development—for cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, aircraft and other special use categories.

On our quest to make transportation safer for everyone,Takata has become one of the leading safety suppliers in the world. And of course, it’s a great place to work, with a great environment in which to create advanced active and passive safety systems that help to save lives.

The catch phrase we use to summarize our focus on global business development is, “One World, One Takata”. Our aim is to achieve nothing less than the best in product innovation, the ultimate in product quality and service, and a reputation among our customers as their No. 1 supplier in the world